That’s me. Up there. Probably don’t look like much of a fitness blogger or foodie, do I? That’s because I’m totally not. I mean, I do squats, but I’m internally plotting your death, assuming I don’t die first, and don’t ask me about macro-nutrients.

So why am I doing this, if I’m not going to pretend that I’m like this fitness blogger, or if I don’t know how to keto? Because I like food. Like, a lot. So much so that I won’t come to your party unless you’re feeding me. I’m doing this because over the last year and a half, my own personal journey with fitness and food meant I lost 50lbs, and that Unicorn Frappuccinos make me sick.

I’m writing this blog because I post a lot of pictures of food on Instagram and Facebook (told you, I really like it) and people ask me for recipes and I’m like, “recipe?” I’m writing this because if you’re trying to eat healthy and make more food at home, you’re probably sick of the same boring salad and recipes using ingredients that claim to be healthy but mean you have to re-mortgage your house.

Yeah, not here. Here’s I’m going to talk about real food, that’s healthy, whole and like pretty damn easy to make. Because you got things to do, and so do I. Sometimes those things are chicken wings and beer. Sometimes they’re not. Whatever, you do you.

So let’s eat.